Samples for research

Auria Biobank offers high-quality human biological samples for biomedical research.

The biobank’s samples consist of, for example, tissue, blood or DNA/RNA isolated from cells. Related clinical data that is significant from a research point of view can be linked to the samples. New samples from patients who have given their consent are continuously saved in the biobank in connection with normal diagnostic and treatment measures carried out in the hospital.

Auria Biobank - Samples for research
Auria Biobank - Real life data analyses

Real life data analyses

Clinical data selected from the electronic health records is linked to Auria Biobank’s samples.

Clinical data related to samples can be used to create and test hypotheses. The data can also be used to classify disease sub-types and to identify markers related to treatment response or prognosis.

Sample collection and storage

Through Auria Biobank, the collection of new samples can also be arranged in co-operation with hospital and medical staff.

We plan and realise, among other things, the collection of tissue, blood or bodily fluids as needed together with hospital and medical staff. We routinely collect blood samples for the biobank in connection with a normal diagnostic or clinical blood sample from all patients who have given their biobank consent. We additionally collect fresh tissue samples that are left over from a diagnostic procedure. The biobank currently collects, for instance, prostate, intestinal, ovarian, pancreatic and liver tissue.

With Auria Biobank’s automated sample-processing technology, even large batches of liquid samples can be distributed in 2D-coded tubes (Micronic, FluidX or Matrix, etc.). We have experience of various tube-sealing methods, and we are the only laboratory in Finland using the capping method to seal individual tubes.

Auria Biobank - Sample collection and storage
Auria Biobank - Joint development projects

Joint development projects

Auria Biobank conducts scientific collaboration in medical research with academic researchers and companies.

Such collaboration consists of public-private partnerships, academic collaboration and co-operation based on information sharing. Research ideas may come from an outside party or from within the biobank, and the research is carried out as agreed by the partners.

Tissue microarray (TMA)

Auria Biobank produces high-quality next generation TMA blocks.

We plan and produce tailored TMA blocks with tissue samples according to the customer’s needs. In addition, a considerable amount of clinical data can be attached to all of the samples. The samples are digitalised and the pathologist or researcher can, on his or her own computer, personally select the areas of interest to be transferred from the sample to the TMA block. The TMAs are prepared automatically by a TMA Grand Master machine. Auria Biobank’s TMAs are prepared, for the most part, from FFPE samples collected in the Pathology Unit of TYKS, but a TMA can also be made using sample blocks that are in the customer’s possession.

Auria Biobank - Auria Biobank produces high-quality next generation TMA blocks

TMA Disease Patients Years Blocks(#) Cylinders/patient (#) Diameter (mm) Normal tissue from same sample included Marker samples
Prostate Cancer Removal of prostate due to adenocarcinoma 222 2004-2010 18 2 from the core of tumour 1,5 yes Liver tissue and tonsillas
Pancreatic cancer Pancreatic adenocarcinoma 40 1993-2012 2 2 from the core of tumour 1,5 -  
Gastric cancer Intestinal-type adenoca of the stomach, gastro-esophageal junction or distal esophagus ~200 1993-2012 12 2 from the core and 2 from invasive front 1 yes  
Colorectal cancer Stage II colorectal cancer 250 2005-2012 11 2 from the core and 2 from invasive front 1 yes  
Glioma Glioblastoma and diffuse glioma ~200 2005-2013 5 2 from the core of tumour 1,5 - Liver tissue
Lung cancer Non-small cell lung cancer ~500 1993-2013 27 1-2 from the core and from invasive front 1,5 yes Liver tissue and tonsillas
Breast cancer Breast cancer (triple negative) ~200 1998-2012 10 2 cylinders from the core of tumour, metastatic lymph node or inflamed area 1,5 yes ER+, HER+ and liver tissue.
Ovarian cancer I Ovarian granulosa cell tumors 44 1993-2013 2 4 from the core of tumour 1 - Liver tissue
Ovarian cancer II High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma ~400 1994-2007 12 2 from the core of tumour 1,5 - Liver tissue
Vulvar cancer Precancerous lesions and primary tumors of vulva, metastatic lymph nodes 140 1999-2013 4 2 from the core and 2 from invasive front; 2 from LSA; 2 from metastatic lymph nodes 1 yes Liver tissue
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) ~100 1993-2016 4 2 cylinders / tumor 1,5 - Liver tissue
Head and neck cancer Squamous cell carcinoma (head and neck and salivary gland cancer) ~400 2004-2015 11 2 cylinders from the core of the tumour, 2 from the invasive front, 2 from metastatic lymph nodes (2 cores from stroma) 1 - Liver tissue
cSCC Squamous cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis and Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) (skin) 64+15 1994-2013 3+2 Cylinders from the tumour, cylinders from the normal tissue 1 yes Liver tissue
Breast cancer Infiltrating ductal carcinoma (Her2 negative) ~200 2003-2006 3 1 cylinder / tumor 1 - Liver tissue
Lung cancer Biomarkers in lung carsinoid tumours (NETs) 36 1990-2013 2 Tumor, border, bening lung, bronchus, metastasis 1 yes Liver tissue
Pediatric Carsinoma samples from children (kidney, brain/meninges, sarcoma, lymphoma/leukemia, thyroid, others) 57 1993-2012 6 1-2 core from tumor, 1-2 core from control 1 yes Liver tissue
Related longitudinally collected clinical data is available to be linked to the samples


Auria Biobank offers advisory and training services related to biobank operations.

Our knowledgeable and expert staff are available for presentations and training covering a number of competence areas, such as:

  • biobank operation protocols
  • quality systems
  • contracts and legal aspects
  • IT systems and registers
  • operating models

Feasibility studies

Auria Biobank is a co-operation partner in clinical trials (evidence-based feasibility studies).

Through biobank consent, the patient gives permission for samples and data collected from him or her during normal diagnostic and treatment procedures to be used in biobank research. The biobank consent form also enquires about the possibility for recontacting to discuss his or her willingness to provide more samples or to participate in research that is not covered by the biobank consent. The biobank can select candidates suitable for various clinical trials from among groups of patients who have given their consent and can contact these people.

Auria Biobank - Feasibility studies



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