What is Auria Biobank?

Auria Biobank is Finland’s first biobank. Approximately one million samples are stored in the biobank and used for medical research.

Auria Biobank is situated in Turku, in connection with Turku University Hospital and the University of Turku. The biobank was established by the University of Turku and the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa. It was established in 2012, and in spring 2014 received its operating licence from Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.

The biobank’s activities are guided by the Finnish Biobank Act, which entered into force in autumn 2013. The Biobank Act secures the rights of the donor and improves researchers’ prerequisites for using the sample collections. In accordance with the Biobank Act, samples and personal data can, with the donor’s consent, be collected and saved in biobanks for future research purposes.

Promoting health as the basis for operations

For Auria Biobank, responsibility means transparency, openness and high ethical standards.

Biobank’s goalis promoting the health of citizens by providing biological samples for use in medical research. The biobank’s sample collections can help determine the relationship that exists between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors when it comes to various diseases, and they can help gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease. The resulting outcomes can lead to better health care, improved diagnostics and medical treatments .

The biobank’s activities are guided by the Finnish Biobank Act, which clearly lays down the rights of the sample donor. Patients are always entitled to refuse the donation of their sample without it affecting their treatment. The Biobank Act also states that the donor of the sample always has the right to know the purpose of the research for which his or her sample is used.

Every patient also has the right to be a research patient.


How are samples collected?

New samples for Auria Biobank are collected from patients who have given their biobank consent in connection with normal medical procedures.

The samples can be, for example, tissue, blood, various bodily fluids or DNA isolated from cells. Biobank samples are collected in connection with normal health-care and medical examinations. The samples are stored in the biobank until they are needed for research.

The samples assigned for research are always encoded, which means individual donors cannot be identified from the samples.



Lila Kallio - Auria Biobank

Lila Kallio

Acting Director

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Perttu Terho - Auria Biobank

Perttu Terho

IT Specialist, Vice Director

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Aulikki Santavuori - Auria Biobank

Aulikki Santavuori

Quality Manager

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Tom Southerington - Auria Biobank

Tom Southerington

Director, Legal & IPR

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Antti Karlsson - Auria Biobank

Antti Karlsson

Development manager, Data Analyst

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Linda Laurén - Auria Biobank

Linda Laurén

Research Co-ordinator

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Johanna Huhta - Auria Biobank

Johanna Huhta

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

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Minna Valme - Auria Biobank

Minna Valme

Department Secretary

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Juha Mäkelä - Auria Biobank

Juha Mäkelä

IT Specialist

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Merja Perälä - Auria Biobank

Merja Perälä

Project Manager

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Minna Grönroos - Auria Biobank

Minna Grönroos

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

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Sanni Suojasto - Auria Biobank

Sanni Suojasto

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

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Samu Kurki - Auria Biobank

Samu Kurki

Data Analyst

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Jussi Salmi - Auria Biobank

Jussi Salmi

Data Analyst

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Heini Halmetoja - Auria Biobank

Heini Halmetoja

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

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Mikko Tukiainen - Auria Biobank

Mikko Tukiainen

Data Analyst

+358 50 578 0815


Sami Oksanen - Auria Biobank

Sami Oksanen


+358 50 578 0815


Heidi Aaltonen - Auria Biobank

Heidi Aaltonen

Study Nurse

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Paula Hennola - Auria Biobank

Paula Hennola

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist



Paula Hennola - Auria Biopankki

Susann Brunell

Study Nurse




Kiinamyllynkatu 10, 20520 Turku, Finland

PL 52, 20521 Turku, Finland

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